About Us

Welcome aboard the MV Capricorn Star – Fishing Charters to Swains Reef and beyond!

Capricorn Star Charters operates from Rosslyn Bay, Yeppoon, in Queensland, Australia with direct access to the Great Barrier Reef.

Scott and Soozi Wilson are proud of their owner operated buisness. Soozi will take care of your booking and all the administrative requirements for your trip. Scott skippers the vessel himself. He has 20 years fishing experience in both the commercial and charter industries and has operated fishing charters to the Swains Reef for 7 years. We offer our customers a friendly, efficient service. The safety of our customers and staff are our number one concern, along with our impact on the ecologically sensitive environment we work in. We constantly strive to improve on our safety and environmental practices.

Accreditations and Environmental Practices

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Climate change is one of the biggest threats affecting its future. We all need to help protect this unique environment.

  • Continually seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.
  • Sourcing and researching alternative fuels and outboard motors to ensure replacements are reliable, cost effective and suitable for our requirements. Availability, service and support are also vital elements in our decision making process to adopt new practices and equipment. Customer feedback on their own personal experiences with alternative fuels, outboards and engine modifications is greatly appreciated during this investigative stage.
  • Continually improving our ECO Certification practices.
  • Educating our customers about the reef, the need to protect it and how they can help.
  • Acting in accordance with our Environmental Impact Statement. Available on request, on board vessel and explained at Safety and Tender briefing sessions.

Planning your trip:

  • Car Pool, fly or hire a bus.
  • Bring environmentally safe toiletries and biodegradable fishing products where possible.
  • Drink tap water on board instead of bottled water.
  • Bring cans rather that stubbies.
  • Turn cabin lights off.
  • Choose not to have a clean towel mid week.
  • Follow instructions in safety and tender briefing sessions.
  • Feedback to crew on own experiences with alternative fuels and outboards.
  • Offer crew suggestions on how we can improve our practices.
  • Inform yourself before your trip by visiting www.gbrmpa.gov.au/visit-the-reef/responsible-reef-practices

At home:

  • Educate your family.
  • Choose to walk, ride a bike or car pool.
  • Turn off lights and appliances.
  • Install energy efficient globes and low flow shower heads.
  • Seek alternative power supplies, recycled materials and carbon conscious suppliers.
  • Find out more from the following sites:






The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority charges visitors to the reef a small fee to assist in the costs of managing the Marine Park and protecting its future sustainability. This fee is called the Environmental Management Charge (EMC). These charges are included in our daily charter rate and will be itemised on your final account. For information of current charges please contact us directly.